Counselling Services



A well-trained mind can easily deal with emotional stress, lifestyle problems and performance issues in different spheres. Counselling can fill your life with positivity. So, share your problems with our experts.

Career Counselling

Are you confused with your ongoing job search or which field to choose for your professional development? Seek advice from certified career coaches who are experienced in guiding individuals from different fields, backgrounds and academic levels. Make life-changing decisions -take a skill assessment test,Know your potential field, choose the right job and explore what you are good at. 

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Student Counselling

Mind’s Eye is here to help you make the right decision, understand your goal, and work in order. Book single session therapy or social skill training. Choose from various initiatives that help students develop life skills for a rewarding journey ahead. You get solutions for concentration problems, behavior modification, learning disabilities and more which are inspired from the field of Positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence.

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Child-Parent Counselling

Taking care of your child and family can be difficult. With us, you get the required guidance and knowledge to build strong bonding with your children. We help to assess the relationship problems and set goals to overcome unhealthy practices that include overindulgence, restrictiveness, unrealistic expectation, lack of boundaries, hyperactivity, restlessness, mobile addiction etc.

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General Mental Wellbeing

Mental health includes emotional, social and psychological well beings. If you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, or depression, Mind’s Eye can support you in dealing with these common problems. Learn how to think, act and value yourself. Book services for therapies and case management irrespective of age. Build a positive relationship with your surroundings.

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Family Counselling

Constructive decisions are required to support a family’s well-being, and with Mind’s Eye, you can build on family strength. You can cope with changes that take place within a family. Learn to deal with sibling issues, divorce, and feuds. We support improving communication, solving family problems, and creating a better functional environment and enjoy a healthy family environment. 

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Marriage & Relationship

Mind’s Eye is here to help you tune your connection and establish a trusted and working relationship. We can support you through family counselling, pre-marriage counselling and love-in-relationship counselling. We aid in repairing serious issues such as marital maladjustment, Triangular love affairs, extra-marital relationships, and an in-relationship crisis among boyfriend-girlfriend or spouse for mental wellbeing.

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